Spam is generally viewed as unsolicited email in bulk form.

Clients can minimize the likelihood that internet service providers (ISPs) will flag their messages as SPAM by maintaining a positive sender reputation. For more information about sender reputation, see How can clients build their email reputations?.

Blackbaud also works to ensure that the emails are seen as legitimate:

We monitor the major anti-spam proposals and update the architecture to accommodate anti-spam standards when appropriate.

For example, many internet service providers and email service providers have moved to an identification standard called Sender Policy Framework (SPF). This standard requires users of Blackbaud Email Services, to modify their DNS records to allow Blackbaud to continue sending mail on their behalf.  For more information on how to correctly setup an SPF record for your site, please see the knowledgebase article titled, What is a SPF Record?

Additionally, internet service providers and email service providers are also putting into place standardization for DKIM key signature authentication.  For more information on what a DKIM key is and how to implement one, please see the knowledgebase article titled, How to add DKIM Signature to Outgoing NetCommunity or Online Express Email

We also monitor over 150 DNBSL servers (blacklists) to ensure our servers are not listed. Although we have not been listed, we have procedures established to contact any service that lists us and will work with that service to have the server removed.

We send all mail in compliance with the relevant RFCs and ISP standards (AOL, etc.).

    • RFC 2821 for SMTP
    • RFC 1123 for Internet Hosts
    • RFC 2822 for Rich Text email
    • 2045-49 for MIME email

    For additional guidelines, refer to the following:


      For more information, refer to How to build a good email reputation.

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