The Campaign Progress Report is a Campaigns, Funds & Appeals report that tracks your organization's progress in meeting a campaign goal. It is useful if campaigns are your main method for reporting on your constituents' giving histories. Typically, you would run this report based on only one campaign so you can see the breakdown for that campaign.

The Campaign Progress Report includes only new gifts given during the specified date range. In other words, a pledge payment is included only if the pledge was made during the date range. If a pledge was made before the report's Start Date, none of the payments are included in the report even if they were made during the date range. It is important to consider this pledge processing when you determine the report's date range.

Giving information is indicated by the constituency code. The Campaign Progress Report uses a constituent's primary constituency code for this breakdown. You can run the report for all records in your database or a query of records. You can use Individual, Organization, Constituent, or Gift queries.

The report pulls the Target amount from the Campaign and Fund records, but otherwise, the information included in the report is based upon gifts entered on constituents' records.

For each constituency code, the gift information is broken down further in the following manner:

Income column: Gift types included in this column are Cash, Pledge Pay-Cash (see exclusions above), MG Pay-Cash, Stock/Property, Gift-in-Kind, and Other (and Pledge Payments for each type).

Donors Who Gave column: This is the number of constituents who have given a gift during the specified time period. This does not include donors who pledged but made no payments on the pledge.

Outstanding Pledges column: This column contains pledge balances as of the report's end date.

Donors Pledged column: This is the number of constituents who made a pledge to the campaign during the time period, including those who made pledge payments and those who have not.

Total Inc+Plg column: This column contains the total money that has come in to the campaign during the time period, plus the amount expected due to outstanding pledges.

Donors Total column: This is the total number of constituents who gave a gift or a pledge during the time period.

Note: Donors Who Gave + Donors Pledged does not equal Donors Total due to the fact that constituents can be present in both categories; they are not double-counted in the Donors Total Column.

Constits Solicited column: This is the number of constituents who have this constituency code as their primary constituency. These constituents are not required to have given to the campaign to be included in this column.

% Partic. column: Of everyone with this constituency code as his or her primary constituency, this is the percentage that gave to the campaign.

A common misconception about this report involves the Constits Solicited column. The word "solicited" indicates that perhaps the information in this column is pulled from either the Appeals tab or the Solicitor tab of the constituent record. However, it is actually the number of constituents in the database who have that constituency as their primary constituency code.

One last note involves the Funds and Appeals filters on the Filters tabs of the report. When you select to include all funds and appeals, every gift given to the selected campaign is included. However, if you choose to include selected funds or appeals, the gifts included must be coded with the selected campaign and the selected fund and/or appeal.