To identify constituents who have no gifts on their Gifts tab,
follow these steps in Query:

You can automatically create this query by installing the sample query.

    • Create a new constituent query. The format can be dynamic or static.
    • In the Available Fields box, select Gift, Summary Information, Total Gifts.
    • On the Edit Field Criteria screen, select equals as the operator and enter 0 as the value.
    • Click OK.

      Note: The query above only pulls constituents with no gifts on their Gifts tab. If you consider a constituent who pledges, but never pays, to be a non-donor, add a gift type filter criteria statement to the query; for example, Summary Information Total Gifts Equals 0 AND Gift Type One Of (include all gift types that represent payment).

    To identify constituents who have not given within a specific date range,
    or to a specific campaign, fund, or appeal, create an output query using the
    Non-Contributors Report in Reports. Follow these steps:

      • Create a new Non-Contributors Report, one of the Analytical Reports.
      • On the General tab, include all records or a selected query of constituents.
      • On the General tab, enter a date range if needed. This is the range during
        which contributions are not made. If you leave the date fields blank, the
        report considers all dates.
      • Include all or selected campaigns, funds and appeals on the Filters tab.

      • Select to create an output query by marking the Create output query checkbox on the General tab.
      • Preview the report, and name the output query when prompted.