If the account is linked to BBNC, refer to How to edit or reset usernames and passwords for FAWeb and Netclassroom when they are grayed out on the record 

If the FAWEB account is not linked to BBNC and/or is also used as a NetClassroom login for a teacher that's also a parent, refer to How do I change a user's password 

If the NetClassroom account is not linked to BBNC, refer to How to add or edit a NetClassroom User ID and Password for one record

1. In Records, open the record to add the NetClassroom ID
2. Select the Bio 2 tab of the student record or the Bio 1 tab of an individual record
3. Add/edit the User ID and password fields

Note: When any version of Blackbaud NetCommunity is integrated with FAWeb and NetClassroom, integrated users must go to NetCommunity to update their user names and passwords.
If integrated with NetCommunity and these fields are grayed out on student or individual records, please see BB543941 - How to change or manage user logins and passwords for NetClassroom and FAWeb when OCC 2.5 or higher is installed