• In Records, open Individual Statement Recipient record.

    • On the Addresses tab, click New address.

    • Select 'Business' as the address type.

    • Enter the appropriate information.

      Note: If using attn:, enter the information in the address box to appear under the payer name.

    • Click OK.

    • Mark the home address as the Primary address.

    • Save and Close the record.

    • In Mail, Forms, Statements, open the statement parameters.

    • Select the Addresses tab.

    • Move "Business" address type to the 'Addresses to Consider, in order of Importance' box on the right.

    • Use the Up arrow to move the type to 1st priority.

    • Preview/Print the statements.

    Note:*All statements will go to business addresses first. If no business address is defined, it will go to the Primary address.