1. On the workstation of the new user, select Tools, User Options from the menu bar

2. Select the File Locations tab.

3. Click within the Location column in the AddressAccelerator Data Files row

4. Enter the appropriate path or click Browse  to locate the AddressAccelerator data files. To remove the file location, highlight it and press Delete.

note: If the data files are stored on the network, the workstation must have a mapped drive to their location (UNC paths cannot be used). The user must also have Read and Execute permissions for that directory.

5. Click OK to save

Note: Prior to the April/May 2006, the default file location when installing AddressAccelerator was C:\Program Files\AddressAccelerator Datafiles. For new installations, it is now C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\Postal Tools. For existing installations, the updates use the location where the files are currently installed.