1. Ensure you are linking to NetClassroom and FAWeb correctly:
    NOTE: This step can be skipped if the link being used is in The Campus Page Manager part.  This link will allow for seamless sign on without any additional configuration.
    1. Edit the link on the page or in a menu
    2. In the Menu item properties window, edit the Link option
    3. The Create other type of link option must be marked
      Type: [custom]
      URL: Faculty Access Web or NetClassroom
  2. Check the URLs defined in NetCommunity:
    1. In Administration, Sites & settings
    2. Go to the Education section
    3. The links must be formatted correctly

      The URLs must be formatted correctly.  Including a forward slash after the URL or using any other link format will cause the login screen to appear without logging in the user.
      If the Login URL is redirecting to a secure https page, change the URLs to reflect the secure https address.
  3.  Fully hosted sites will need to disable Citrix Windows authentication