Use the Chapter Manager part to manage User Groups.

For example:

    • Create or edit page(s) to be used by the Group

    • Create a Chapter Manger part for your Group

    • Create the additional Chapter Page Element parts to add text, news, photos, RSS, etc.

    • Give the User Group a security role. This will be used to manage the security access for these pages.

    • Assign the Users that should have the Group rights

    • Assign the security properties for the User Role to the selected page(s).

    • Grant rights to Manage the Chapter in the Chapter Manager part if you want the users to be able to send email to the Users in the Group.

    • In order to allow users to upload documents to your User Groups, add the Documents part to the page(s) and assign their User Role in the security properties. This will enable Users in the group to access the uploading

      features in the pages.