When the first date of the installment is the date that the recurring gift was made online with a credit card, the card will be charged, and the first payment will be made through Blackbaud NetCommunity or Online Express. Subsequent installments will be charged from within The Raiser's Edge. If the first date of the installment is not the date that the recurring gift was made online, the card will not be charged immediately and all payments will be charged through the Raiser's Edge.

For example:
  • Installment Schedule: Donor chooses the 15th of every month.
    Date the recurring gift is made online: the 2nd.
    * The card will NOT be charged online, but will instead be pulled into The Raiser's Edge and processed and charged on the 15th as scheduled. The user will not see this first payment in their Merchant Account until after the card is charged in The Raiser's Edge.
  • Installment Schedule: Donor chooses the 3rd of every month.
    Date the recurring gift is made online: the 3rd
    * The card WILL be charged online because the date the gift was given online was the same date as the first installment. The user will see this first payment reflected in their Merchant Account.
When downloading transactions from NetCommunity or Online Express, you can determine if the first payment was processed by looking at the Transactions window. If the first payment has been charged, there will be a note within the Gift Information column that states: "First payment processed".  This payment will transfer over from NetCommunity or Online Express. Once the Recurring Gift has been linked and processed into a batch, you will only see the recurring gift. Once the batch is committed, both the recurring gift and the recurring gift - pay cash will show on the constituent record indicating the first payment has been made. 
Note: The date of the donation is dependent upon the Time Zone chosen within System Options of Blackbaud NetCommunity or Online Express respectively.

NetCommunity and Online Express will not charge cards every month. The cards will be charged monthly from The Raiser's Edge.  For more information on this procedure, please review How to create a recurring gift and recurring gift payments.

For Direct Debits, all transactions will need to be processed through the batch, even if the first date matches the start date. See - How to process direct debit gifts received from Blackbaud NetCommunity.

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NOTE:  If a donor enters an incorrect credit card number for a Recurring Gift and the first transaction is a future date, the incorrect credit card number will be stored on the Recurring Gift within The Raiser's Edge.  When the credit card is used to charge the card, the credit card will be rejected because the card number is invalid.  The original donor must be contacted to request the correct credit card number which can be added to the original Recurring Gift and/or within the Gift Batch in The Raiser's Edge.