This is possible when you customize the VCO. You can use the default template as a starting point or start from scratch.
  1. To use the default template, highlight expenses at the level one and click on New Header/Total then highlight the level two that appeared and at the bottom on the header tab, type the new caption (for example, Admin Expenses)
  2. Highlight the level two just created and it should now say Admin Expenses. Highlight the level two that says account detail and delete it by clicking on the red x. Place cursor back on the level two admin expenses and click on New Detail (a new detail line appears as a level three).
  3. To define the accounts to use, you can either select the account detail definition tab at the bottom and use a range of account codes, or select the drop-down menu and choose selected accounts using advanced filters and choose the selected accounts.
  4. To add additional groups of expenses, highlight the level one expense and click on New Header/Total then repeat the steps above.
SubTotal Example

**If you are starting from scratch instead of using the default template, once in the Visual Chart Organizer page, click on new, highlight income statement, click on New Header/Total to start adding categories and account detail.

For information on how to create VCO's, refer to The Visual Chart Organizer Guide