1. Navigate to The Raiser's Edge>NetCommunity plugin
  2. Click the Event Registrations link
  3. Select the first transaction to process
    • The Constituent Linking frame appears on the right
    • If your Constituent Matching options match a record in The Raiser's Edge, The Raiser's Edge data appears in the Linked Constituent box and the Auto-matched or Linked indicator appears
  4. If your record is not auto matched or linked, search for an existing constituent in The Raiser's Edge by clicking Find Constituent or press F7 on your keyboard
  5. If a record matches, select the row and click Link Constituent>Choose Selected Constituent
  6. If an existing record does not match, click Link Constituent, Create New Constituent
  7. (Optional) In the Transaction Constituent Code frame, the constituent code selected on the part defaults in the field. You can change or remove the constituent code for the transaction in this field. If you select the same constituent code in the New Constituents option, the constituent code does not duplicate on the Bio 2 tab in the constituent record.
  8. (Optional) In the Matching Gift Linking frame, view matching gift information for the registration
  9. If the registration was on behalf of an organization, ensure the individual is linked and the organization must also be linked
    • Note: The individual cannot be linked to an organization. Both the individual and the organization must be linked separately
  • To view event attribute information, select the Transaction Information tab.
  • In the Gift Attributes frame, view attributes. In the Participant Information frame, view the event for which the participant registered and participant attributes
  • To view origin information for the event registration, select the Details tab. Origin information appears such as the NetCommunity User, the NetCommunity Page and Part from which the transaction was made on your website, the Blackbaud NetCommunity user that downloaded the transaction to the NetCommunity plug-in, and who is currently using the transaction.
  1. After all the boxes are linked, click Process Transaction
Additional Resource:
No search results appear for existing constituents when processing transactions in NetCommunity plug in