This may occur if the phone type is missing in Raiser's Edge or was not mapped properly in NetCommunity.

    The exact phone type may vary, but the basic steps to resolve are:
    1. In the plugin, note the tab of the phone type, for example, you see the Primary Business tab and under it: Phone type: [this area is blank]
    2. In Raiser's Edge, navigate to Config>Table>Phone Type
      • Ensure the desired phone type is here - in this example, Primary Business. If it is not listed, add it by clicking New Table Entry
    3. In NetCommunity, navigate to Administration>Sites & Settings
    4. Under Phone Type, ensure the phone type in question is mapped. - in this example, ensure Primary Business has a value in the dropdown
    5. Click Save  

    Note: This change will not be retroactive for existing transactions. You will need to manually edit the existing transactions when prompted to include the Phone Type. If you are not prompted to manually edit the transactions, the information will need to be manually entered into Raiser's Edge, and the profile updates deleted from the plugin.