Fundraiser Synchronization Service:

The automatic Fundraiser Synchronization Service is an automated service that synchronizes fund data for fundraisers between Blackbaud NetCommunity and The Raiser's Edge.  The frequency of the service is defined within Administration - Configuration of the Blackbaud NetCommunity site.  The fund data will synchronize based on what is defined for the Frequency of the Fundraiser Synchronize settings within the Configuration page.

Manual Synchronization:

When fundraiser data has changed within Blackbaud NetCommunity or The Raiser's Edge, this data can immediately be synchronized using the Synchronize Now button in the Fundraiser part of Blackbaud NetCommunity.

Note: Before clicking the Synchronize Now button to synchronize changes to solicitor gifts in The Raiser's Edge, please allow the automatic fundraiser synchronization service to run at least once.  Manually synchronizing the fundraiser before the fundraiser synchronization service has had an opportunity to synchronize the gift data, it may be difficult or impossible to modify the gift without removing it and/or the solicitor from the fundraiser entirely.

To run the manual synchronization, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into Blackbaud NetCommunity using an account with access to edit pages and parts within the site
  2. Navigate to the page containing the Fundraiser part and edit the page
  3. Edit the Fundraiser part
  4. Within the Fundraiser part, click the Synchronize Now button.  The button will gray out while the fund data is synchronizing.
  5. After the synchronization is complete, the Synchronize Now button will become active again, indicating that the data transfer is complete.
  6. Save or close the part and verify that the data transfer was successful.