If credits have already been generated before setting the appropriate restrictions the best solution is to manually apply the credits.

To quickly apply several credits manually, generate a query of unapplied credits and edit the affected records from the query of records, instead of browsing to each record from the search window:

  1. In Reports, click Transaction reports and create a new Unapplied Credit Report
  2. On the General tab, mark the option to create an output query of Credits.
  3. Set the other date parameters and filters to include the affected credits.
  4. Click Preview to run the report and save the output query.
  5. In Query, open the output query.
  6. On the Output tab, select fields which will help you to identify the credits.
  7. On the Results tab you can double-click to open the record from the list.
  8. Manually apply the credits to the desired charges.
  9. Click the blue arrows at the top of the record to access the next record in the list.


  1. Delete the credits.
  2. Open the Advance Deposit that is currently assigned on the record and select the Apply to... tab.
  3. Edit the restrictions on the assigned Advance Deposit and save and close the item.
  4. Generate the credits again.