A. Verify the bank is set to include the Organization address on the blank check:

    1. In Print checks and record bank drafts > select the Format tab
    2. Highlight computer check on the left and select Edit Payment Options
    3. In check format, ensure that the box is marked for Include, that the appropriate organization address is selected, and that it's set for the desired part of the check (check, stub, or both)
    4. Mark to save these changes to the bank account and click ok.

    If you've confirmed that the Bank / Format is set correctly already, proceed to B

    B. This is also based on rights within a user's security groups. A user must have View access to Addresses in Configuration for Accounts Payable in order to be able to print a blank check that has the Organization's return (or forwarding) address.

    Confirm the Security group for the user(s) is set as follows:
    1. In Administration, click Set up system security.
    2. Open the appropriate user group.
    3. Highlight and mark the Accounts Payable checkbox under System Components.
    4. Highlight and mark the Configuration checkbox under Accounts Payable Privileges.
    5. Click Options.
    6. Mark the Addresses checkbox under Configuration.
    7. Mark the appropriate check boxes (at least View) for Addresses.
    8. Click OK.
    9. Save and Close the user group.
    10. Users must exit and sign out and log back in for the changes to take effect.