You can view how many transactions your organization receives as a result of the email message on the Conversions tab. You can view data for Donation Conversions, Event Registration Conversions, Membership Conversions, and Advocacy Conversions.

For each type of conversion, the Payment Method column displays the payment methods used in response to the email, such as 'Credit Card.' For each payment method listed, the Donations column displays how many transactions received were of this method, and the Total column displays the sum of those transactions.

Note: The number of transactions may show a higher number than the number of click throughs  to the donation pages or event registration pages that are linked in the email message. The conversions that are tracked in the message on the conversions tab, will track any transactions that are made while in the same browser session that opened a link from the message.
For example: You can have a link to an email preferences page in your email message. If a person clicks on that link, and while in the same browser session decides to go to your donation page and make a donation, then the donation transaction will be recorded on the conversions tab. Even if the donor didn't click directly on the donation link in your email message.