Set up gift size analysis codes to use in the report:

    • Click Configuration, Tables
    • Highlight the Gift Size Analysis Codes table
    • Add table entries. The amount entered defines the bottom of each gift size range. For example: 1, 50, 200, 500 results in the following ranges: $1 - $49.99, $50 - $199.99, $200 - $499.99, and $500+.
    • Re-run the report
    • If there are still have unknown gift sizes, this can be an issue with pledges being pulled in the past that have been paid off.  This would show as an unknown value for that time period.  Check the following if running multiple report periods and unknown gifts appear in different periods.
      1.  With in the Comparisons and Summaries Report , select the Gift Types Tab

      2.  Remove Pledge and MG Pledge as gift types
           OR Unmark (uncheck) the use gift balance instead of gift amount option.