1. Select the appropriate transaction. The Record Linking window appears
  2. If the proper constituent is not already displayed in the blue box labeled "Linked Constituent", then click in the blue box and click Find Constituent [or press F7] to search for and link the transaction to the appropriate Raiser's Edge constituent record.
  3. If the record exists, link to the record. If the record does not exist, create a new record.
  4. After linking your transaction, open your next transaction by selecting it from the transactions window to the left and repeat the linking process until all your transactions you would like to process are linked.
  5. After all transactions are appropriately linked or created as new, mark the checkbox next to each transaction you would like to process.
  6. Select the Bulk Processing button. A pop-up window will appear.
  7. Configure the options for the bulk transaction processing by going to the Options tab within this window.
  8. Select your batch options:
    • If you would like to specify a batch number or add your transactions to an existing batch, mark "Add records to an existing batch, or create a batch with this number" and click the binoculars to select a batch number.
    • If you would like to create a new batch based on an existing batch, mark "Create a new batch and use existing batch below for default fields and values" and click the binoculars to select a batch number.
  9. In the Transaction Profile Data section, select how you would like to handle profile updates:
    • Accept Profile Information:Select this option if you have not processed profile updates when linking and would like all user changes to be entered automatically.
    • Reject Profile Information: Select this option if you have already processed profile updates when linking or if you would not like to process profile updates.
  10. Select the Processing tab
  11. Click Process Now
To finish processing the transactions in a gift batch in The Raiser's Edge, see How to commit a batch.