Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

  1. Remove all filters from the post parameters 
  2. Refresh the deposit record:
    1. In Records, Deposits, open the deposit.
    2. Change the deposit status to Do Not Post.
    3. Save the deposit. 
    4. Change the status back to Not Yet Posted.
    5. Save and close the deposit.
    6. Post to General Ledger.

If an error 'Total percent distribution must equal 100%' occurs when taking the above steps:

  1. Review the Distribution tab of the Deposit (in Records, Deposits, open the Deposit).  If the amount does not match the Actual amount of the Deposit, review  each payment entered for the deposit, comparing the amount of the payment to the GL Distribution amounts. 
  2. If you identify a payment that does not have the correct GL Distribution, delete and re-enter the problem payment.
Contact Support and reference this article.