If you converted from version 6 to version 7.75, you will have billing cycles already defined and will not need to add them. You will only need to copy your billing cycle.


If you have converted to an earlier version than 7.75 or are new to Student Billing 7, you can either add your billing cycles using the steps below or convert them.


Note: If you don't like the way your billing cycles were setup in version 6, we recommend you create new ones.

    • In Configuration, Billing Cycles, click New Billing Cycle.
    • Select a Billing Cycle.

      Note: If Registrar's Office is installed, the drop-down list will display the Academic Years.
    • Enter a description and define the start and end dates.
    • Click OK.


      • We strongly recommend you make the start and end date coincide with the majority of your product and billing items and span an entire year.
      • All items that cross Billing Cycles should not be associated with a Billing Cycle (e.g., Advance Deposits).