How to enable database cache monitoring in Blackbaud NetCommunity

How and when to enable Database Cache Monitoring

    • Select the Administration tab in NetCommunity
    • Select Sites & Settings and then click the Settings tab
    • Click the Caching tab and near the bottom, mark the 'Monitor Multiple Caches' checkbox to enable database cache monitoring
    • Set the interval to 600 seconds for a live site. Do not use a different interval unless instructed by Blackbaud Support or a qualified server administrator
    • Click Save
    Does multi-site need this turned on to update the cache for site a and site b?
     Yes, depending on how the sites are setup (if you use different virtual directories or multiple IIS sites) it is needed.

    Does this mean that if I have separate web servers, one for my NetCommunity web services and one my Raiser's Edge web services, I need to turn this on? Or is this just applicable in a web farm or clustered web server environment?
    This is only if the NetCommunity web services are hosted on multiple web servers in a web farm or clustered server environment. This does not include an environment where only the REWS is separated.
    Does this need to be turned on if Blackbaud hosts my website?
    This is automatically turned on for those clients that have their website hosted with Blackbaud.

    Note: If you are not sure if you are using a Web Cluster, contact your network administrator for assistance.



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