The Transaction Manager part (see note below about the Giving History part) gives you the ability to create and display the giving history for a donor on your website. The data for the part type is stored in The Raiser's Edge. You can select the filters for the gift information that is contained in the part type or use a Raiser's Edge Gift query. For example, you can select filters for gift type, campaign, fund, and appeal. You can also select to display soft credits.

Once the donor logs into your website, their giving history appears based on the user's authenticated user ID and password. Gifts list on your website in order of most recent to oldest gift. The gift date, gift type, payment method, and gift amount appears for the donor to view. For more information on the Transaction Manager part,  please refer to our NetCommunity Parts Guide.

To create a Transaction Manager Part:

  1. Log into the back-end of the website as a user with supervisor rights or rights to create and edit parts and pages.
  2. Navigate to Site Explorer > Parts > Create a Part.
  3. Select Transaction Manger part type and select the desired settings.
  4. Click Save to save the part.

(NOTE: The Giving History part has been depracated (retired) for the more powerful Transaction Manager part. You can continue to use and edit any existing Giving History parts. However, no new or copies of existing Giving History parts can be created. Please refer to the  NetCommunity Parts Guide for more information about this part.)