There are two ways to declare fonts in NetCommunity:
  1. Some sections of Blackbaud NetCommunity will have a Font menu. The Font menu lists common fonts that display correctly on most Web browsers. To change the font applied to selected text, select the desired font from the Font menu. The font of the selected text changes to the selected font.

    This function is available only in Normal mode.

    Font selections

    Note: Users can also specify fonts that are not listed in this menu using HTML mode.
  2. Users can also specify fonts in Stylesheets. The syntax used here will be different than what is required in HTML. For additional information, refer to:
    • What are Cascading Style Sheets?
    • Where to find HTML resources

    When using fonts in the normal mode, the text may not be rendered properly if the font is not also installed on the viewing computer.  Another option is to use online fonts, which are available through various 3rd-party sites such as Google Fonts (, or @font-face (, which loads the font name and allows it to be called in the CSS.  This is the recommended approach for utilizing non-standard fonts in Blackbaud NetCommunity. 

    Please contact the appropriate software vendor or IT professional for assistance with this process or issue, which is beyond Blackbaud's scope of support.