1. On the navigation bar, go to Records, Employees, open the Employee record
  2. On the Bank Information tab, choose the drop-down menu next to Pay this Employee by and select Split check
  3. Open the appropriate bank account where part of the check will be deposited. 
  4. At the bottom of this screen at the EFT amount field, select either Amount or Percent of Net depending on how you want the pay deposited to this account.
  5. Enter the amount or percent of the check that should be deposited in this bank account in the Amount or % of Net Pay field.
  6. Save and close the Bank Account. 
  7. Then, an EFT or Regular Check will need to be setup as the remainder account.
A remainder account tells the system where to put the remainder of a check. If the entire paycheck only goes into one bank account, define that account as the remainder.  If the remaining amount needs to be paid by check, follow the steps below, setting the EFT status to Print Regular Check.
  1. On the Bank Info tab, open the appropriate bank account
  2. If there is more than bank account in which paychecks are deposited, open the account in which the remainder of the money should be deposited
  3. Select Remainder for the EFT Amount type
  4. Save and close the Bank account
  5. Save and close the Employee