The 'preview' on the Media Tab itself is limited to the first page.  The way documents display on the Media tab is governed by interactions between the PDF reader, the operating system, and the OLE control (which is a Microsoft control). If it previously showed several pages and now shows only the first page, it is related to one of the items, and not related to the Blackbaud program.  Blackbaud is unable to address this issue because it is related to third-party software. Contact the third-party vendor for assistance. 

However, the entire document (all pages) is stored within The Raiser's Edge or Financial Edge and can be viewed by opening the document from the Media Tab.

If the document is stored in The Raiser's Edge or The Financial Edge  (not a link):

  1. Open the appropriate record.
  2. On the Media tab, select the appropriate media item and click Open.
  3. In the preview window the first page of the PDF file is displayed, double-click the page to open the file.
If the document is stored as a link:
  1. Mark the Display as Icon checkbox, when adding the media object as a link. 
  2. Click the media object to open the 'Media for' screen.
  3. Click the object in the bottom frame to open the document