To setup a section that contains both types of accounts:

1. In Visual Chart Organizer (VCO), open an existing VCO or click New.
2. Click View and select Design View.
3. Highlight the Header/Total line of the specific section.
4. Change the category to 'Income Statement. Revenue and expense accounts will now appear in this section.
5. Save the VCO.

To structure the Visual Chart Organizer to have one total for certain expenses and revenues - 
1. Create a new header/total under the Income Statement to sit at a level 1
2. Drag and drop the existing revenue and expense sections that need to be totaled onto the new level 1 so the first revenue header and first expense header now sit at level 2

The header levels would then appear as so:
1) Operating Rev/ Exp
   2) Operating Revenues
   2) Operating Expenses

This creates a net total for level 2s at the bottom of level 1 Operating Rev/ Exp. As noted above, it's also important to ensure that the first level header (Operating Rev/ Exp) have a header category set to "Income Statement" to ensure the other 2 sections display in reports.