Note: For information on the differences between registrants, guests, and sponsors, refer to .What is the difference between registrants, guests, and sponsors?

  1. Select Records>Events.
  2. Open the Event record.
  3. Select the Participants tab.
  4. Open any Guest record.
  5. In the Guest of field, click the binoculars to search for the Sponsor to be changed to a Registrant.
    • The following prompt appears: [Sponsor Name] is currently in the system as a sponsor.  In order to continue, [Sponsor Name] must be converted to a registrant.  Registrants currently sponsored by [Sponsor Name] will no longer have a sponsor specified. Do you wish to continue?
  6. Click Yes.
  7. Close the Guest record. Do not save the Guest record unless the Registrant listed in the Guest of field is correct.

If there are no guests added yet, add a guest or create a new guest and then follow the above steps. Once the sponsor is changed to a registrant you may delete the guest if necessary.

Also, refer to How to change a registrant to a sponsor.