• From Web Site, click Stylesheets. The Stylesheets screen appears.
    • Click New Stylesheet. The New Stylesheet screen appears.
    • In the Stylesheet Name field, enter a name for your stylesheet, such as 'Index Page Stylesheet'.  This name allows Blackbaud NetCommunity users to quickly identify the file in Stylesheets. This name is for internal use and does not appear on your website.
    • In the Description field, enter any additional information about the stylesheet, such as 'Created for index web page.'
    • In the Stylesheet Security grid, assign View, Edit, Delete, and Change Security rights for the stylesheet. In the Role column displays the Blackbaud NetCommunity users.

      Note: Stylesheets must be applied in Layouts.
    • To save your stylesheet, click Next. The Stylesheet Designer screen appears.

    For more information on how to Design a stylesheet, refer to BB439642