• From Web Site, click Site Explorer. The Site Explorer screen appears.

    • On the action bar, click New Page.

    • Select the page to edit

    • Click Properties

    • Make the changes for the Name, Template, or Folder fields.

      Note: You cannot edit the Web Site folder. It is the root folder in Site Explorer. To edit the template, click Template Designer on the action bar on the Page Designer screen. It is important to remember if you edit an existing template, you change the template for all web pages that use it. To update a web page with its own specific template, you can make a copy of an existing template that is similar to your needs. Click Template Designer on the action bar. The existing Templates screen appears. Click Copy Template and make the changes for the web page. If there is not an existing template to use for your template, you can create a new one.

    •  In the embedded URL field at the bottom of the page, view the URL information for the web page.

    • Select the Security tab.

    • In the grid, you can edit view, edit, delete, and change security rights for each role. The Role column displays the Blackbaud NetCommunity users.

    • To save your changes on the Page Properties screen, click Save and Close. You return to the Site Explorer screen.