Please read the steps before processing:
  1. In Mail, State and Federal Tax Reports, Federal Tax Reports, Select  20** W-2/W-3 (where ** is the year) and click Display Report
  2. A window will display named W-2/1099 Preparer. The Last Completed Actions section shows you what has been done up to this point. 
  3. Under Available Actions choose the Action you wish to complete
  4. Click Next and correct the necessary Box information for the appropriate Employees 
  5. After completing the necessary changes, click Next Step
  6. Complete the Correction Options window answering by marking Yes or No
  7. After completing the remaining screens you will be directed to the appropriate Form and this can be printed 

Correct Completed W-2s is only needed if W-2s have already been processed and filed. 
The Corrected W-2 forms are printed on Blank Paper.

If W-2s were originally e-filed:
If the eFile Center has not submitted the filing to the agency, there is no charge to send a replacement filing.
If the filing has been submitted, there is a charge per corrected employee only.