Try each of the following steps in order until the issue is resolved:

    • Verify that the HTML code is correct

    • Create a new page and insert the part into the new page

    • Create a new part and insert into a new page

    • Move the part position to a different location on the page

    • Recreate the text on the part by copying and pasting the information in Notepad to remove all HTML code. Copy and paste the plain text in the Formatted Text and Images part and then re-style or format the page.

    • Ensure the date does not exceed the width of the space that the information is inserted into.

    • Ensure the data does not exceed the column widths in the layout.

    • Create a table and insert the data into the data and set the table width to fit into the appropriate space.

    • Verify that the part has been published by editing the part and going to the Content Approval tab and check that the Approval status is showing published