Perform the following steps until issue is resolved:

Identify records associated with faculty/staff record:
  1. Create a Person query
  2. On the Criteria tab, select Relationships, Relation, Relation first name equals [Faculty first record], Relation last name equals [Faculty last name]
  3. On the Output tab, select Person, Full Name
  4. Select the Results tab
  5. In Records, open the record in the query results
  6. Select the Relationship tab and delete the relationship of the Faculty member
Allow users the security rights to delete individual records in Student Billing:
  1. In Administration, click Set up system security.
  2. Open the appropriate user group
  3. Highlight and mark the Student Billing checkbox under System Components.
  4. Highlight and mark the Records checkbox under Student Billing Privileges
  5. Click Options
  6. Highlight Individuals
  7. Mark the Delete checkbox and any other appropriate rights checkbox
  8. Click OK.
  9. Click Save and Close
  10. Users must exit and sign out and log back in for changes to take effect