• When you are installing NetClassroom, you will receive a prompt that asks for the location of your FAWeb website.  If you do not have FAWeb, select You do not have Faculty Access for the Web.
    • If you have FAWeb, enter the website address where FAWeb resides. The address needs to be accessible to your NetClassroom users via the Internet.
      For example, http://www.websitename.edu
    • If SSL or a non-default port is used for FAWeb, include the information in the address.
      For example: https://www.websitename.edu or http://www.websitename.edu:88
    • Do not include the FAWeb7 virtual directory in the address.  For example:

      Correct: http://www.websitename.edu
      Incorrect: http://www.websitename.edu/FAWeb7

      Window showing correct website address format

    • After the NetClassroom installation is complete, the address entered during the installation will reside in the NetClassroom Web.config file, which is located in the NetClassroom installation directory. For example: C:\Program Files\Blackbaud\NC7
    • In the <appsettings> section of the Web.config file, the FAWeb web address is appended with the ClassDocuments virtual directory. This creates an address that points NetClassroom to the location of the FAWeb Downloadable Documents location.

      For example:

      <add key="ClassDocumentsVdir" value="http://www.websitename.edu/ClassDocuments/" />
    • Note: If an incorrect address was entered during the NetClassroom installation, the address can be edited via the Web.Config file.