To import recurring gift payments to an existing recurring gift, the import file should contain the following information and mapping. It is important that the ERB template does not have a default Application field value. If it does, please remove the default value from the template. Screenshots of the mapping, batch template, and import options can be seen below. 
Value contained in the import fileImport Mapping
Amount of the recurring gift paymentAmount
The donor's lookup IDLookup ID
PaymentRevenue Type
Payment MethodPayment Method
Amount of the recurring gift paymentRevenue Streams\Applied amount 1
0Revenue Streams\TypeCode 1
The recurring gift's Revenue IDRevenue Streams\Application lookup ID 1
Import fields screenshot 1:
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Import fields screenshot 2:
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Import fields screenshot 3:
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Import Options:
Import Process Other Tab

Enhanced Revenue Batch without default application:
Batch template default value

Screenshot of import file:
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