If the recurring gift has not yet been saved:
  1. Select the Transactions tab in the gift record
  2. Click the Schedule button
  3. Enter a date in the Ending on field
  4. Save and close the gift record
If the recurring gift is still in batch:
  1. Select the recurring gift in batch
  2. Select "Gift" menu option
  3. Click "Installment Information"
  4. Enter an end date
  5. Click OK
If the recurring gift has already been saved and the Ending on field is grayed out in the recurring gift schedule:
  1. Open the recurring gift
  2. Select the Amendments tab
  3. Click the New Amendment button
  4. In the New Amendment window, click the Schedule button and enter the Ending on date
  5. Save and close the Amendment
  6. Save and close the Recurring Gift

Import the Amendments onto the gifts.