This issue can be caused by a variety of scenarios. Please review the following:
    1. Log into Raiser's Edge and confirm the users both have Supervisor rights or are in the same security group. If the affected users are in multiple security groups please correct their record, users should be part of only one security group.
    2. Add a new user name with the same security rights as the problem user in the Raiser's Edge 7. It's possible the RE user account was corrupted and should be purged or inactivated from use.
    3. If this is only occurring for one Report or Query- recreate the report or Query. Do not choose to Save As.
    4. Log in as the affected user and select Tools from the menu bar and choose User Options. Walk through every tab and match it to a user that is not impacted. Another option is to copy another users options.
    5. If you are hosted by Blackbaud, investigate the affected user's Citrix profile. Consider creating a new Citrix user account.