1. Create or edit a query.
  2. Select Tools > Query Options from the menu bar.
  3. Select the Gift Processing tab
  4. Select the the desired setting under Credit Soft credits to one of the following:
    • Donor: Includes only the hard credit gift (donor) in the query.
    • Recipient: Includes only the soft credit gift (recipient) in the query.
    • Both: Includes both the hard credit gift (donor) and soft credit gift (recipient) in the query.​
    Note: The Query Options for soft credits does not exclude gifts without soft credits. Instead, it tells Query which constituent(s) to give credit to if a gift has a soft credit. It does not affect gifts without soft credits. If you want to include only soft credits in the query, you need to use an additional filter of Soft Credits, Soft Credit Recipient ID not blank. (If preferred, you can use the following filter instead: Soft Credits, Soft Credit Name not blank.

    Note: Because you can give partial soft credit for a gift, if you select Recipients or Both, you can further define how to handle the gifts. Select Use amount in grid to credit each constituent with only the part of the gift for which they received soft credit. Select Full amount to all to give each constituent full credit for the gift potentially skewing your totals. Or select Split Evenly to split the gift evenly among all recipients
  5. Click OK.

For information on matching gift options in Query, please refer to How to set matching gift options in Query

For information on entering soft credits, please refer to How to use soft credits