If the account(s) associated with the code has no activity
  1. Create a new account code in the correct category
  2. In Records, open the account
  3. Renumber the account to the new account code, so that the number falls within the allowable ranges for that category
  4. Save and close the account
  5. Delete the old, unused account code

If the account(s) associated with the code has posted activity

    • You may renumber the account (all activity posted to this account will remain in the account) so that the newly renumbered account code is in a range of accounts that are invalid/inactive
    • In Records, add a new account with the new account code that was established with the correct category
    • Create a journal entry to move the the activity from the old account into the new account, so that the old account has a zero balance
    • Mark the original, renumbered account as Inactive

      NOTE: Ensure there are no transactions to post to this account prior to marking as inactive, or the batch validation will fail. Special consideration should be taken if the account is an interfund entry account, because transactions may be created later using these accounts.