How to reduce the size of the Blackbaud NetCommunity database

Microsoft SQL Databases often grow in size for one reason or another.  This article describes how to account for and resolve size related issues where the Blackbaud NetCommunity database is concerned.
Determine whether the size of the database is being affected mainly by the .ldf file or the .mdf file and reduce the size of the appropriate file.

To reduce the .ldf file size:

  • In SQL Server Management Studio, verify the Data Files and Transaction Log are set to Automatically Grow with Unrestricted file growth
  • Consider changing the database options from Full Recovery mode to Simple Recovery mode.
  • Note: If unable to switch to Simple Recovery mode, schedule more frequent log file backups and shrink the log file after the log file backup is done. Backing up the transaction log file dumps the contents of the log file into the database file.

To reduce the .mdf file size:

  • Shrink the database. If needed, delete any unnecessary media files and shrink the database again.
  • Performing SQL Server backups, outside of the Blackbaud Management Console (Blackbaud Management Console), is beyond our scope of support.

Refer to Microsoft's SQL Server 2008 Books Online, post a question to the Database Administrator/Technical forum, or contact a qualified technical consultant for assistance. 

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 SQL Server 2008;SQL Server 2008 R2
 Blackbaud NetCommunity

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