Once you have completed the process for linking existing records, you can move to adding records. Integration Setup determines what records will appear automatically in the Link Records grid.  If for some reason the records to be added do not meet that criteria, then you could either use the query option to add them to the Link Records grid or scroll to the bottom of the grid and search for the Education Edge record on the first blank row.

Records that find no match in Raiser's Edge (based on your Matching Criteria) will appear without a Match Status.  You can filter to only see the records to be added by selecting All Unmatched Records in the drop down box next to Matches.  Generally, you will want to review these records and if you agree that there should not be a match, you can either select to add one record at a time or add all records at once.

If you review an unmatched row and feel there should be a match in the other database, you can manually search and match the record with the following steps:

  1. Highlight the row
  2. Right click on the row and select Search for Match
  3. Use the search screen to search for the existing record

Note: This must be done before matching all records.

To add one record at a time:

  1. Highlight the row
  2. Right click on the row and select Add Record

To add all records at once:

  1. Select the Linking option at the top of the grid
  2. Select Add all unmatched records