Failed status of: Exception

Click on the status log button, then click the Details link. Observe the exact Exception error message, search Knowledgebase on that specific error.  

Status of prepared, processing, or accepted for longer than a few hours.
1. If you host your Application web server, check your testconfig page on the server for errors via localhost/testconfig.aspx. Look for any errors that may indicate a connection issue between the RE7 WS Server and NetCommunity, or the BBEC WS Server for Internet Solutions. If an error exists, copy and paste this error into the Knowledgebase to search for an article that may contain this error. 
2. Check your Applicatoin Sync settings. Go to Administration > Sites & Settings > [tab] Settings > [sub-tab] Schedules
-Under List Acquisitions and Refresh, observe when/how-often your lists are scheduled to refresh. Here you can also see when your lists last successfully refreshed. Make note of any error message found on this screen.
-Under Email Jobs, observe as to how often the Application starts email jobs. Recommend settings are every 5 minutes; also make note of any error message found on this screen.
3. Check your list load time. Go to: Email > Lists > [edit] the list in question. Make note of any error messages that appear on this screen. If no error message exists, try to manually refresh this list. 
-Keeping in mind your schedule for when your lists will refresh from step 2 (above), continue to check back while the list attempts to refresh. Depending on the size of the list and the schedule, the list should either refresh successfully, or display an error message. Make note of any errors, and search the Knowledge for solutions for that error. 
-If the list does load with no errors, observe how long it took the list to load. Example, if the list refresh takes 1 hour, then your email message will also stay in the status of processing while the list is being refreshed.
4. Check your send after date. Go and view the message properties and observe the send after date
-If the send after date is set for the future, then by design the email will remain in an Prepared status and will not send until that date.
 5. Check the number of recipients included in the email list exceeds the limit for your account. 
-For more information on this, refer to this article with limits on the number of email recipients that can be included in one email

Returns error No Valid Recipients.

The application will only send an email to the constituent under certain  circumstances, please refer to Error: No Valid Recipients

Further Troubleshooting Steps

  •  To rule out whether the issue is with the query itself, try to edit other lists. If you can edit other lists, then there is likely an issue with this particular query. 
  •  Pull up the Query in RE/CRM, and verify that there are in fact Results when you run the query.
  •  If the query is set to Dynamic, try setting it to Static, save, and then re-attach that query in the application as a new list. 
Note:  If this is an absolute emergency, and you must get an email out, you can export the query to a .csv file and create a new Imported List. Note** Imported Lists do not take advantage of the advanced email reporting that Constituent Based Lists do.