The SQL Server Management Studio Express  is a Microsoft utility which allows you to access the FE_EXPRESS and/or RE_EXPRESS SQL instance and any databases which may be attached to them.  SQL Management Studio is included with full versions of SQL Server.

Using this utility, it is possible to access the backend databases and perform custom queries. While querying on database information (i.e.: read only) will not void your maintenance agreement, it is not recommended or supported by Blackbaud. Any database errors or issues that occur as a result of using the SQL Management Studio will not be covered under your support contract and will subject to an additional fee should Blackbaud be required to correct it.

Using this tool to make changes to the database tables, objects, or underlying structures is not supported and will void your maintenance agreement with Blackbaud.  Refer to Can the database back end structure be modified? for additional information.

The Blackbaud Management Console should be used to administer your Blackbaud databases, including backing up, restoring, and other maintenance tasks.   NOTE:  The Blackbaud Management Console (BMC) is the only supported method for performing backups or database maintenance tasks for The Raise's Edge, The Financial Edge and The Education Edge.

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