Error: Accounts Payable - Unposted transactions or unprinted checks exist when closing a fiscal year

Error: Accounts Payable - Unposted transactions or unprinted checks exist received when attempting to close a fiscal year and no transactions appear for posting.
    1. In Configuration, click Business Rules.
    2. Highlight Transaction and unmark the 'Do not allow amount ($0 or 0%) transactions to be posted'.
    3. In Administration, click Post.
    4. Click 'New Post Parameter'.
    5. On the General tab, select 'Post Purchase order transactions with this journal code'.
    6. On the Filters tab, select 'Specific range' for the Post Date and enter the Start and End dates.
    7. Select any other desired options or filters.
    8. Click Validate to view and ensure the transactions that will get posted are correct.
    9. Click Post Now.
    10. Once the transactions are posted, the fiscal year can be closed.
    This error will also occur if there is a one-time check that was created but the "Save and Print Later" option was selected
    1.      Navigate to Accounts Payable > Query and build out the following query: 
    2.      Click New
    3.      Select Payment as the query type
    4.      Click Ok
    5.      Expand Payment and select Payment Date
    6.      Click Select and enter a date range for the fiscal year that you're trying to close and click Ok
    7.      Expand Payment and select Post Status
    8.      Click Select and select Not Yet Posted as the value and Equals as the operator and click Ok
    9.      Click Run and review your results
    If a payment is returned, please either print and post the payment or delete it. 


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