Address is a required field in the Raiser's Edge when an Acknowledgee is being added to the tribute Acknowledgee relationship in the Raiser's Edge. To overcome this error, an address must be added.
  • Tribute acknowledgee relationships require an address, but the relationship added or linked via the plug-in does not. So if a new relationship is created without an address or link to an existing relationship without an address, the transaction will not process, and you must cancel out of the transaction in order to proceed.
  • If a new relationship was added, then it must be edited to add an address or deleted as it is created whether or not the transaction is processed or not.
  • If the Honor/Memorial and the Acknowledgee are the same person, mark the "Self-acknowledge Honor/Memorial" checkbox in the Link Tribute Information window instead of linking the Acknowledgee block to a Raiser's Edge record.
NOTE: Online Express does NOT include an option to Self Acknowledge an Honor/Memorial through the plugin. If the Tribute gift should be self-acknowledged, a relationship record must be created.  It can be deleted once the record is processed out of Online Express, or it can be kept until gifts have been processed.