There is currently not a way to just show charges on Statements without also showing the Payments or Credits that are applied to those Charges.

The activity that shows on a Statement is based on the Transaction Cutoff Date, so any activity that falls before that date will be included on the Statement.
Alternate Solution:

To print just a list of Charges for each Student, you can use the Transaction List Report for this. Here are the steps on how to set up this report:

1. In Reports, select Transaction Reports, then double-click Transaction List
2. On the General tab, use the Transaction Date filter to choose the date range for which you want to see Charges (you can leave Due Date and Post date to Include All Dates)
3. Under Include these transaction types unmark all except Charges
4. On the Format tab, select Sort/Break
5. Sort by Activity Owner (Or Assigned to), and place a check in the box in the far right column of this row
6. At the bottom of this window, place a check in the box next to Page break on each new Activity Owner (or Assigned to)

This will give you a separate page for each record, and it will list Charges that fall within the time frame you selected.