Classifications determine how to group students based on the number of credits they are enrolled in and their enrollment type. For example, you might create classifications for Full-Time and Part-Time. A student's grades do not affect classification.

  • You must create a student classification for every session or credit hour range or the student will have a classification of Undefined and will not be billed.
  • Other Courses, transfer courses or courses taken in a manner other than being enrolled in the class are not included in Classification calculations. If you need an Other Course to count as part of a classification, create a standard course and then enroll the students in a class.

To add a Classification:

  1. In Configuration, click Classification.
  2. Click New Classification.
  3. In the Classification field, select or enter a classification. If you enter a new classification, a message appears asking if you want to add it to the Classification table.
  4. In the Session field, select a session.

    Note: You cannot edit the session field once a student has the classification. To change the session, you can unmark all of the academic years and save the classification record. This removes the classification from all students. Then open the classification record, change the session, and re-mark the academic years.
  • In version 7.78, select the appropriate school in the School field.
  • In the Credit enrolled from [ ] to [ ] fields, enter the minimum and maximum number of credit hours required for the classification.
  • In Academic years to include, mark the academic years to associate with

    the classification.
  • Click Save and Close