There are three things that can be done in this situation.

1) Restore from a backup to return the newly created student records back to applicants.
Note: Restoring from a Backup will affect all products that are integrated with the Education Edge. This includes, Raiser's Edge, Financial Edge, NetCommunity, etc. This is not suggested for users who have integration enabled. This is also not recommended for users who have RE or FE NXT.

Prior to running the Enroll Applications Wizard again, select the appropriate group of applicants on the Filters tab. Click Preview Included Records to ensure these are the applicants to enroll.

2) Use a query to identify newly enrolled students and change the status to something other than current student.
  1. Go to Query > New Student Query
  2. In Criteria Expand Student > Status Log > Status equals (enter the status that newly enrolled applicants would have in RO)
  3. In Criteria Expand Student > Status Log > Status Date equals (enter the date that you ran the mark for enrollment wizard)
  4. Under Output > Add any desired fields such as First Name, Last Name, Grade Level, etc.
  5. Use the Query to identify students who were incorrectly enrolled and change the status.
Note: This option does not remove the student record. Once an applicant has been enrolled, the student record will exist unless it has been deleted. Changing the status will prevent the student from being pulled into other processes in Registrar's Office where you would use a current status as a filter.