Using the Report (Fundraiser) part, you can create summary or custom reports for your website about the progress of multiple Fundraiser parts.

Using the Summary Report type, you can create a standard report displaying information graphically in a 3-D bar graph chart, textually in table format, or both.

The Fundraiser Summary section displays summary statistics for multiple Fundraisers including the fundraiser goal, participant goal, total amount raised, total number of fundraisers, total teams, total participants, and total donations.

If you include the View Details button, website users can view a page that contains individual reports for each Fundraiser included in the report. If you select a Fundraiser dashboard in the Linked Fundraiser Dashboard Page field, the headings for the individual reports are hyperlinks the user can click to view a dashboard about the selected Fundraiser.

Using the Custom Report type, you can customize the report’s content and appearance using the HTML editor and merge fields.

You can include the same summary statistics as the Summary Report as well as additional details about donations, top fundraisers, top teams and top participants.