When linking the constituent, use the 'Process?' checkbox to indicate whether or not the record should be updated with the new information from Blackbaud NetCommunity.  Unmarking this option will not update the RE record.  The new information is the white boxes that was entered in on NetCommunity. The yellow boxes are the information that is currently on the record.

On the Preferred Address tab, you may select the option to add downloaded information as a new address rather than update the existing address.

Note: Select 'Yes' when prompted to reject remaining updates during the plug-in processing. This will discard the updates that you do not want on the record. If 'No' is selected, the remaining updates will be listed with the checkbox marked for processing. Hitting save and close will update the record. We will have to unmark the boxes, and click the 'Yes' button to reject the unwanted information from being placed on the record.