Follow these steps:

  1. Ensure the AddressAccelerator file locations are correct
    • In Raiser's Edge, select Tools > User Options
    • Select the "File Locations" tab
    • Verify that the file path is correct for AddressAccelerator Data Files. What should be in the File Locations if my Raiser's Edge is hosted by Blackbaud?.
    • If your path is correct AND you are hosted, contact Support with the name of the server and reference this article so we can address the issue on the server. In the meantime to validate your addresses, try logging out of hosting and back in again to reach a different server.
  2. If Blackbaud does not host your Raiser's Edge environment, make sure that the update has been run correctly on your workstation:
    • In Raiser's Edge, click Tools --> User Options
    • Click on the "File Locations" tab
    • Highlight the path (if known correct), right click it and choose copy
    • Click the Start Button
    • Right click in the search box and choose paste, then press [ENTER]
    • Find the file called "Update" or "Update.exe"
    • Right click it and choose copy
    • Find some blank space on your desktop, right click and chose paste
    • Right click the Update icon on your desktop and choose "Run As Administrator." If you are prompted for a password at this point, stop this procedure and contact your organization's IT Department
    • Follow the on screen prompts
    • Exit and Sign Out of Raiser's Edge, then restart it.